Monday, November 22, 2004

post-weekend musings

+work plus flu sucks big time+
I was at work on a Saturday due to some big project we have going due Tuesday this week. Big deal right? It is, when you're nursing a pounding headache, work-related stress and trying to "relax". Of course, i felt bad since the past two days i wa sout of the office due to said sickness. *sigh* So much for resting. I had to do some pick-ups of photos (aka messengerial work) in the rain. SHIT. My job and actual job description do NOT are not in sync.

+exercise is good+
Ok, sometimes you do need a bit of a push when it comes to the E-word. Yup, i have been decidedly become a couch potato the past few weeks, mostly due to work stress and the need to just chill. So yesterday, we decided to stop the madness and actually get some exercise. We swam a bit at the deck pool, and walked around the Ateneo grounds. Considering my lack of movement, i was puffing away after about 10 mins of merely walking. *whew* i can feel my heart move. seriously.

+ sometimes my drama queen syndrome surfaces +
Perhaps it is this state of hysteria/paranoia that led me to think that my sweetie thinks the worst of me. Frankly, my insecurities has risen to the surface more often than i can hold them in, and we had our first non-screaming bout of stand-offs last night due to some stuid remark he made. Of course, my nerves and weird behavior had something to do with the fact that as soon as i said it, i started the waterworks. Dammit. Hence, the cool silence for the next few hours trying to hol don to running emotions and settling matters peacefully. (we did, thank God!)

+ + +

My mom recently texted that we may be moving soon. WHA--!?? apparently, we may be moving apartments before the new year comes in. Nope, not to somewhere really far (the new place is in TV, after all) but to a more secure area. It's cool though, there will be more space, more bathrooms (yey!) and hopefully, more hanging out areas. Still, i am unsure on how to go about with this. This would mean moving expenses, moving worries and yes, more moving scenarios.

I am not particularly fond of the physical act of moving. I love the idea of something new, change, etc., but the actual transition stresses me a lot. Perhaps its because things, as much as you plan them a certain way, never really work out the same way. Also, people you encounter or help you out with this become instant enemies the minute you argue over something as little as, "where to pu the vase". *sigh* I've moved in and out of a number of apartments throughout college and post college, and i tell ya, it is STRESSFUL. *sigh* One can only think of the results to appease one's emotional upheaval.

+ + +

While i was doing my thing, my friend Lucy was chillin' with the idea of renewed singlehood. I wonder sometimes why she endures MHB's lack of interest/commitment. I just hope that this renewed interest on playin' will not get her heart broken again. That aside, i salute here feisty spirit and her unwillingness to succemb to such madness that is pining. You go girl!

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